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We specialise in board advisory positioning and training services to help companies find exceptional female board directors, driving our mission to enhance women's representation on corporate boards since 2011.

With a rich history of driving women’s representation on corporate boards since 2011, we are dedicated to empowering organisations to create diverse and inclusive leadership teams.

We have been spearheading the mission to enhance women’s representation on corporate boards in Malaysia for over a decade, catalysing positive change in the landscape of boardroom diversity. With our specialised board sourcing, training, and networking services, we empower companies to create inclusive leadership teams that drive innovation, collaboration, and sustainable success.

Our services focus on:

Board Advisory Positioning


Why choose LeadWomen

We are at the heart of Malaysia’s diversity on boards for the last 11 years – where we focus on exclusively providing women candidates for all board searches. For each board sourcing request, your company will receive up to 5 profiles of candidates that are ready for board opportunities

Why is women representation on boards important?

Diverse perspectives and experiences improve decision-making and drive innovation
Improved financial performance and better corporate governance
Enhanced reputation and increased public trust in the company
Compliance with legal and regulatory requirements

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