Board Services

Our Board Services

Tailored for women directors and boards

We provide a range of board services, from training and development programmes for the women directors to board workshops and placement for boards looking to diversify and strengthen their board compositions by specifically appointing women directors.

For the women director, we offer development programmes – The 3-day Board Journey and 6-month Global Women on Boards . As part of their development we organise networking and visibility opportunities through our director membership offerings. Our Members are prioritised for board searches and placement opportunities that are led by and through LeadWomen.

To support boards sourcing for women directors, we maintain a repository of qualified ‘board-ready’ women leaders. A dedicated board services resource works with boards to help them source for the best-fit candidate.

We have experience in supporting a variety of boards in their sourcing requirements, including MNCs, PLCs, family-owned and NGOs in their sourcing and placement of women onto their boards.

Women on Boards on Top 100
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