Global Women on Boards



The Global Women on Boards programme is designed to equip new, aspiring and existing women directors with the required competencies, knowledge and safe network platforms to enable them to create unique value and innovation for boards.


Designed to help women understand the skills required of board directors, gain insights needed to effectively participate on progressive boards and support their search for a seat on a board, the 6-month programme is a modular journey, taking participants through the essentials of Corporate Governance, Risk & Finance, Strategy, Board Dynamics, Board Leadership and Board Profiling.


The journey culminates with a Board Simulation, which allows the delegates to apply the knowledge and learning gained in a safe space. Throughout the programme the participants will be guided and supported by international mentors with board experience. A 6-month modular programme, the GWOB  will be hosted internationally this year, expanding beyond East Africa and Malaysia to provide participants the opportunity to appreciate the differences in overall board governance, leadership and dynamics in boardrooms spanning borders.


*GWOB is now HRDCorp-claimable for Malaysian delegates. Inquire with us to get more information.

Programme Details


Current or Aspiring Women Board Directors, C-level Executives, Entrepreneurs, Senior Civil Servants, NGO Leaders


6 months
Expected start date:
2nd June 2022

Delivery Mode

Virtual sessions & Hybrid Board Simulation and Graduation Ceremony



  • USD 3,000/pax + applicable tax (Members’ Rate)
  • USD 3,500/pax + applicable tax (Non-Member’s Rate)

Fees Coverage:

  • Program Fee
  • 3-star / 4-star Twin-Sharing Hotel Accommodation in Paris (2 nights)

Closing date for application:

25th May 2022


4 Phases of the Programme

Women delegates are invited to the programme based on their interest to serve on boards and their readiness in terms of qualification and experience.

They will go through three intensive programme pillars designed to give them the knowledge and exposure to global governance, leadership and dynamics.

During the programme, they will be matched and mentored by both male and female directors across borders*.

Networking opportunities are organised for them to connect with key stakeholders - regulators, investors and board directors.

Purpose of the Programme:

  • Provide a global outlook and exposure to new markets.
  • Open regional or international board opportunities for women.
  • Surface the unconscious bias on diversity and merit at board levels.
  • Extend the network circles.
  • Tap into a global board mentoring platform.
  • Develop a board profile that is tailored to what boards are looking for today

Programme Focus:

  • Learn about the different types of board cultures, key roles and responsibilities for board service
  • Explore ways to enhance your board leadership impact, visibility and networks
  • Participate in group and one-on-one mentoring sessions to develop your board readiness
  • Interact with experienced board directors and corporate governance experts to understand the board appointment process and expectations
  • Learn about the different components of being an effective board directors – Corporate Governance, Risk Management, Strategic Thinking & Financial Management and Oversight

Women Leaders Impacted​

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