Launch: The Executive Network

We’ve heard your call.
The Executive Network is finally launched!

The Executive Network is an exclusive membership for executive women leaders in Malaysia and beyond. The Executive Network is purported to provide a safe space for networking, relationship building and capacity development. In conjunction of the launch of The Executive Network, we are hosting a conversation, “Community-Building for Social Impact” with a group of community-builders and a diverse set of speakers to share their experience, perspective and ideas.

“Sense of belonging is important. The challenges and actions required to create an impact in the society and environment is a collective effort. We are the company we keep – both good and bad. Not discriminating against but, providing necessary support could open the door for so many wonderful things.”

Shanna Rajasekar, Executive Vice President, Maybank

Shanna Rajasekar is also a graduate of the Women in Leadership, WIL Programme 2021, a programme nominee from Maybank. Shanna scored the highest in The Pitch, an area of the programme that focuses on presentation with a panel of judges. Shanna was awarded the Best All Rounder Award.


“Success comes when women get the right support at the workplace and the ecosystem they belong in. To all women leaders, take a leap of faith; network to build connections, community of allies and sponsor another woman to succeed.”

Norlida (Oli) Azmi, Group Chief People Officer, Axiata

Norlida (Oli) Azmi is an inspirational leader, connector and contributor to the constantly expanding work in the space of diversity, equity and inclusion. A great friend and supporter of LeadWomen.


“No one can understand a women leader better than women ourselves. We women need to juggle and balance all aspects of life, we need support from the cohorts to keep the balances at all time. I believe the community for executive women leaders be able to provide a safe space for us to share experience and keep the learning process going.”

Wee Sze Wong 伟诗, Branch Manager, AXA Affin Insurance

Wee Sze Wong is also a graduate of the AXA Affin Insurance Women Leadership Development Programme. Wee Sze scored the second highest in The Pitch, an area of the programme that focuses on presentation with a panel of judges.


“Community building is about creating safe spaces for all. A diversity of perspectives, backgrounds and experiences, which translates into a process for collective growth, that will contribute to larger potential for innovation.”

Jun Yi Mah, Art Manager, Architectural Designer, KongsiKL

Jun Yi Mah is the manager of KongsiKL, an art space based in a warehouse, where she produces and organizes events and projects with her team. She is also the assistant producer of the multidisciplinary collaborative platform, Seni Tiga. She enjoys creating platforms and finds meaning in working with other people. 


Many thanks to all who have attended the launch. We are very excited and looking forward to a fruitful engagement.

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