Liza Liew

Manager, Client Services

Liza Liew is a psychology graduate from the University of Bath. Her interest areas include body image, the psychology of habit, the psychology of sports and high performance as well as social change.  She was part of a research team in Bristol Business School looking at how a daily exercise intervention for schoolchildren (Daily Mile) affected social practices around schools, with her focus on body appreciation of schoolchildren. In 2018, the abstract of this research was published as part of the 7th International Society for Physical Activity and Health Congress where the team introduced a novel evaluation methodology, ‘Re-valuation’ to the field. 


Since joining LeadWomen in 2019, her work has been focused on creating inclusive and safe workplaces for all in the working industry. In March 2020, she led the transformation of the Women in Leadership programme onto the virtual space as the world adjusted to the new normal. She is now part of the UN Women WEPs Activator project team and have facilitated a few awareness sessions. She hopes to continue to develop her skills and get the opportunity to apply her trained knowledge into her work. 


Fun fact: Liza had a career in fencing (epee) where she represented her home state, Sabah and won national and international competitions. She also brews kombucha during her free time.