Rena Dewa-Nwadinobi

Brand and Communications Specialist

Rena Dewa-Nwadinobi is a distinguished Mass Communications graduate from MARA Technological University (UiTM), specialising in Public Relations. With an extensive background spanning nearly 8 years in both agency and corporate settings within the communication realms of F&B, Fashion, and Luxury sectors, Rena has consistently championed DEI initiatives.


Despite her recent entry into the corporate DEI sphere, she passionately advocates for women’s empowerment, gender equality, and the establishment of secure environments for her acquaintances and loved ones. Since joining LeadWomen, she is shifting her focus to advocate for DEI, both within her organisational purview and beyond – she strives for inclusive workplaces and safe havens for all.


In her leisure time, Rena enjoys exploring global recipes and engaging in spirited debates with her partner on various worldly and unworldly topics and, of course, casual Netflix-ing.