Dato’ Esther Tan

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text] Three Nuggets of Wisdom From A Leader   Seek your own path, be responsible and always work hard Auditor and former “Woman Entrepreneur of the Year” award winner talks about technology addiction and stress management and shares valuable entrepreneurial advice. More than 30 years ago, Esther faced a critical moment in her life. Diagnosed… Continue reading Dato’ Esther Tan

Audrey Ho

Towards Better Stakeholder Engagement Audrey Ho, financial stakeholder communications specialist, shares her formula for ensuring better, more effective dialogue   Stakeholder engagement can be tricky on so many levels. Collaboration with various stakeholders, each of whom comes with their own set of experiences, values and expectations can make the entire process challenging. Your ability to anticipate… Continue reading Audrey Ho

Dr. Jeyanthi Ramasamy

Youngest Director on Rohas Board, Stays Calm When The Stakes are High Recently appointed to the Board of Directors at Rohas Tecnic, the engineering professional breaks stereotypes and talks about her involvement in deepwater projects, what it takes to lead and tips on negotiating successfully.   As a professional and leader, Dr Ir Jeyanthi Ramasamy comes… Continue reading Dr. Jeyanthi Ramasamy