Investors Must Play Role For Workplace Diversity

September 25, 2015 (Kuala Lumpur) — Johan Mahmood Merican, CEO of TalentCorp, says many public-listed Malaysian companies are falling short of international standards for gender, race, and age diversity. He tells Bloomberg TV Malaysia’s Sophie Kamaruddin that social sanctions on the matter may help level-up corporate Malaysia. Source: Bloomberg TV Malaysia

Women: The New Capital

The Global Transformation Forum, 2015: The world is seeing an increasing rise in leadership led by women in both the private sector and government. Forward leaning organisations have proven that effective leaders don’t come from one mould. Kiran Bedi, Tan Sri Rafidah Aziz, Kate Lappin and Dr Aisha Ghaus-Pasha brings to light the reality of… Continue reading Women: The New Capital

By The Numbers: Women On Company Boards

October 2, 2015 (Kuala Lumpur) — Around 10 percent of company board seats are held by women in Malaysia; the target is to triple that by 2016. Here’s a look at how Malaysia compares to Asean and elsewhere around the world. Source: Bloomberg TV Malaysia