Trishapreet Kaur

Associate, Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) Consultant

Trishapreet Kaur is a psychology graduate from the University of Malaya-Wales. While DEI is a slight diversion from her interest in mental health, she believes that DEI is a crucial component in the overarching umbrella of mental health and overall well-being. Her areas of interest include studying and delving into research surrounding leadership, language, empathy & vulnerability, shame and body image among many others.

Since joining LeadWomen, her work has been focused on helping the team to refresh & transform LeadWomen’s signature in-house public programme, Women-in-Leadership (WiL), ensuring that the content and method of delivery are relevant and functional. Besides managing the WiL programme, her work includes supporting the team with operational tasks and assisting on various projects that focus on inclusive and safe workplaces for all in the working industry. Being relatively new to the DEI space, she is actively learning and participating in various initiatives within the team and externally in hopes to learn and develop her skills; and ultimately be able to contribute more meaningfully in her line of work. 

Outside of work, she dabbles in creative writing, tutoring, reading, hiking, and is an active safe space advocate.