Women in Leadership (WiL)

A Programme for High Potential Women Leaders

May – October 2024

LeadWomen has been running the Women in Leadership programme since 2014 to help with the drive to increase female participation in senior decision-making positions through a unique combination of workshops, knowledge sharing, peer-learning, coaching on current topics and networking opportunities.


Building on our experience, LeadWomen is expanding its horizon and pushing the boundaries by bringing you a programme that creates opportunities to network with rising women leaders across Asia. The Women in Leadership (WIL) Programme brings together senior women leaders across all industries and business sectors to support you as you navigate and thrive in the new normal.


The 2024 programme will be delivered in both virtual and physical sessions (hybrid optional for delegates outside of Malaysia) in order to help you achieve your goals as a leader.


*WiL 2024 is now a HRDC Claimable programme. Inquire with us to get more information.

Programme Details


This programme is suitable for women leaders with 10-15 years working experience in managerial/leadership capacity or women currently at or preparing for C-level positions


6 months
Expected start date:
10th May 2024


RM 14,500 + 6% SST (HRDCorp-claimable for Malaysian delegates)

Programme Objectives

  • To encourage women to embrace/identify with the leader within

  • To understand how to lead with impact – communicate with confidence

  • To help delegates navigate complex career landscapes – people, power and politics

  • To encourage delegates to tap into the power of strategic networks and connections

  • To help delegates learn to integrate work and life for better balance

  • Provide a safe space to have open discussions on their vulnerabilities and ways to overcome.

  • Opportunities to network and connect with mentors and potential sponsors to advise on career progression options

  • Build a strong like minded alumni to support their growth and development

Women Leaders Impacted

women leaders

Hear from our WiL Alumni

Rhia George
Rhia GeorgeSenior Communications Manager, HSBC
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I've had the chance to be trained by a diverse set of accomplished senior executives on what it takes to thrive in the workplace. I've also worked with a mentor to identify areas of improvement. WiL provided me excellent insights and forced me out of my comfort zone. I'd like to thank both LeadWomen and HSBC for this great opportunity. I hope more women will benefit from this program in the years to come.
Sueann Yew
Sueann YewSenior Financial Analyst, Experian
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Today's peer-to-peer learning session was simply awesome. It's simple, informal and we've shared so freely and genuinely on topics of mentorship as well as personal experiences as a woman, throughout our careers of different backgrounds and industries. The group session was small and we chatted very casually. There was a lot of positive vibes in the discussion.
Vijayalakshmi Sellaiah
Vijayalakshmi SellaiahSenior Technical Architecture Manager
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LeadWomen's leadership training was wonderful, especially having it virtually isn't an easy task. The experience gained in the training was not lesser than in-person training. Women-in-Leadership (WiL) equally gave adequate knowledge and learning by virtue of its great trainers and facilitators. whose sessions were extraordinary. This experience couldn't be attained in books. The training also made me realize how I can bring myself to the next level. Kudos to LeadWomen for the opportunity.
Vivian Gun
Vivian GunChief Financial Officer, Carlsberg Malaysia
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I was excited to get on the programme and curious to know what else was there for me to learn as I have been a leader for quite some time now. From the get go, I understood that this will be a different type of programme and one that will require me to dig deep and reflect on my journey. From the level of commitment required, I set my mind to ensure that I would commit to this journey and I am so glad I did! Especially Jane's & Faridah's session were a great way for me to refresh and reinforce what I had already learnt in my journey, but with novel elements and approach like Inclusive Leadership, being mindful of my digital body language, navigating myself politically in the organization, etc. The program was impactful and well-balanced.
Michelle Yap
Michelle YapMaybank
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I was transitioning into a new role and job function, so this was an amazing learning for me. One of the earliest experiences she had as a leader was when her trainee shared how Michelle helped her realize her own leadership style or was made cognizant about her style in her role as a leader. The feedback was that I was influential and very supportive which made them feel empowered to grow and take more responsibility. My favourite component of the programme has got to be the Mentoring experience I had with Datuk Yasmin. She helped me understand that as a young leader I will have a great range of challenges to deal with in managing my role, my relationship with slients/stakeholders, team, etc. I shared with her how in my role and job I am sometimes not taken seriously as I am considered too young, Datuk Yasmin shared with me practical tips from her own experience on how to establish myself as an effective leader, regardless of my age. She emphazised the need to be functionally/technically competent, specialization is a critical skill and that I should focus on strengthening it. Supplements that whole confident leader challenge, you will feel adept when you know your stuff!
Lau Siew Siew
Lau Siew SiewSenior Vice President & Team Leader, International Subsidiary Banking, HSBC Bank
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WiL helped me know myself better as well as identify what is my working & leadership style. Through the workshops and my interactions with my cohort mates, mentor and coach, I learned the hallmarks of what it means to be an effective and inclusive leader (persuading, influencing, empathethic...) It was so refreshing to attend the sessions because I quickly realized that these things were not rocket science, but more about common sense and being self-aware and accountable in practicing it. Working with my mentor, Datuk Nora has also helped with increasing my self-confidence. Our sessions focused on topics like how to remove myself from getting too emotionally attached in what i do as i tend to absorb the enegry to my detriment. I enjoyed the networking opportunity that WiL has provided all along the way and the space to engage with key industry leaders in the forms of our coaches, mentors and also external speakers. The inisight they bring and share during these forum sessions were valuable. This incredible journey of WiL taught me to reframe my mindset from thinking, "I'm just a People Manager" to "I am also a leader and these skills need to be honed".
Choy Shok Hung
Choy Shok Hung Data Centre and Service Management, HSBC
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This was a journey of self-discovery for me. Even after being a People Manager for over 15 years, there was still so many things I was learning for the first time on the programme. Overall, the tips/tools that were shared were practical, the group mentoring sessions and coaching were helpful. Group mentoring was my fave as I not only got to engage with my mentor but also to learne from my fellow mentee. Personally, my biggest teakeway from the programme is, "Don't chase for perfection in all that you do, aim for progress and consistency" and recognizing what my hip pocket skill. In order to be influential and empower others, you have to feel and be empowered yourself. With my team, I am now able to delegate more and also empower them to grow and be more accountable. Doing so has provided me with more time to work other stuff (personally & professionally), I get to juggle more projects & grow too.
Chen Jia Hui
Chen Jia HuiHead Middle Office, Commercial Banking, Maybank
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This journey was one that made me realize that the professional and personal challenges I face were not solely mine. Having to climb the ladder in a heavily male-dominated space, made my Imposter Phenomenon soar to an all time high. Learnt a lot about myself & from the ladies sharing of their experiences/discussion in the sessions. Most impactful of the lot being the workshop with Jane on Being Politically Savvy, came in handy for me as I am at the career transitioning point and was setting up with my new team and role. It was especially a challenge for me as I moved into a new role and space (sales to planning/execution), so I had to figure out what kind of freedom I had, management styles, navigating and building credibility with the new team

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