Leading Inclusivity, Empowering Equality

LeadWomen provides advisory and training services to enable organisations to create, nurture and sustain inclusive workplace cultures where all can belong.

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Equalising workplaces and boardrooms for all to be recognised, respected and thrive.

LeadWomen Sdn Bhd was established in 2011 with a mission to increase women representation in senior leadership and on the boards of corporate Malaysia. Our work continues through advocacy, training and development, sourcing and placement of board ready women. To sustain the achievements, we realised the need to build the women leadership pipeline across organisations. This required shifting our focus to inclusion strategies in the workplace to ensure retention and progression of women talent.

Today our work is centered around equalizing workplaces and boardrooms for all to be recognized, respected and thrive. The full value of diversity can only be harnessed when there is an equitable and inclusive workplace culture, which can only be inculcated when leaders lead inclusively. We will have achieved our purpose when gender equality is no longer measured by a number.

Women on Boards on Top 100 Public Listed Companies in Malaysia

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as of Dec 2023

Women on Boards across all
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